Friday, June 11, 2010

Wardrobe and Climate

well, this pic doesn't catch all of today's outfit, but it gives a decent idea of some of my clothes concerns. out here in the eastern SF Bay Area, it's dry, dusty, windy, and HOT. also lots of sun. mr. eccentric and i were out walking near our house a little before 6pm (any earlier and i'd be wearing a hat). you can easily see the discing on the hill behind me, a good third wider this year than previous years - more rains this year mean more grass to potentially burn in our rainless summer and fall.

so i wear a lot of 100% cotton, shoulders and legs covered, and a lot of clothes with 'breathing room' (fullness for air circulation and fabrics with looser weave).

two tees in two days? well, i was reading the Lucky Shopping Manual in Barnes and Noble a few nights ago. Ms. Linnett and Ms. France recommend two black tees and two white tees as a minimum for every gal's well-stocked dresser (no hanging tees!). lo and behold Target had these great 100% cotton tees on sale for $5 each the very next day.

today i'm back to a cami-top.

Tee: Merona the ULTIMATE tee
Necklace: lilliswan's swallow bird necklace
Skirt: own design, inspired by Elsita
Petticoat: made from scraps, inspired by Alisa Burke
Shoes: old Borns

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  1. That skirt/petticoat combo is outstanding. Also with the tee. 8-)