Saturday, June 19, 2010

Does This Chiminea Make Me Look Fat?

When i set up this photo, i planned to crop out the black chiminea - it was a 'strictly outfit' pic. But when i looked at the snaps, the way the pot bellied stove echoed my own little pot belly tickled my fancy, so i left it in.

But 'that's not flattering' many would say. And it doesn't make me look skinny, which sadly seems to be mostly what 'flattering' means these days. But outfits can flatter in so many other ways. They can bring out a glowing complexion, sparkling eyes, slender hands, a swaying walk. An outfit can reflect a person's take on color, shape, texture, or their interest in a certain historical era or life passion.

For me, this outfit was more about curving lines, in the roses, the collar, the lace, my hair, the hem of the skirt. also having pockets for my grocery list, keys, and bank card for grocery shopping.

i realize many would find this outfit more appealing if i looked slimmer. And i don't rule out wearing these clothes with that end in mind at some future time. But this day, to me, the sweating, pain, and limping caused by the addition of Spanx and high heels would detract from the flattery of this ensemble.

Jacket: Donna Karan for Vogue Patterns 2862, made by me
Earrings: gift
Necklace: gift
Belt: thrifted
Tank: Jockey
Skirt: own design
Shoes: old Borns

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