Monday, June 28, 2010

Avoiding the Eccentric Sunburn

No pix today. We're having a spate of 'skivvies only' weather, but it is set to ease up on Wednesday. In the meantime....

All sunburns suck. They hurt, you look like a lizard when you're flaking, they cause wrinkles and skin you're diligent and take precautions. You wear a short-sleeved tee and long shorts to the beach, and sneakers since you'll be hiking to the sea. You slather sunblock all over ever exposed surface and wear a hat with a big bill. The waves look so inviting, and you and your friend while away an hour or so tossing a frisbee back and forth, running in and out of the waves.....of course you kick off your shoes......that nite, the tops of your tootsies and your instep are inflamed and crispy. The thought of shoes and socks makes you break out in a sweat.

Eccentric sunburns usually result from a change of plans or an overlooked detail. The 1" gap between your crop top and pants that only becomes apparent after you fall asleep at a picnic, arms over your head, and wake up with a sunburn belt. The shoulder straps that gap and let afternoon sun in under your arms while you're playing catch. The worst part is these areas tenc to be extra tender and in spots that get rubbing from bras, waistbands, shoes, etc.

Here's a method that helps. Common sense applies: reapply sunblock after swimming or a couple of hours, wear a hat and clothes as needed, etc. But here's the basic strategy.

Get a bottle of nice, high SPF, sweat & waterproof sunblock (i like Coppertone Waterbabies). Take your shower or bath, then, BEFORE you put on any clothes, slather that glop EVERYWHERE. Toes, back of knees, neck, armpits - you want TOTAL COVERAGE. Let it soak in for 15-20 minutes so it won't rub off, then get dressed how you want.

This way, if you kick off your shoes or roll up your sleeves, or you develop some species of 'gaposis' you hadn't anticipated, you'll have some type of protection. It's really difficult to get sunblock where you need it after you dress - calculating the angle of the sun vs. you cute sundress neckline. Don't take a risk!! Give this method a try and be left with only happy memories from your next outdoor frolic.


  1. What a good idea! And I'm sure my husband won't mind me wandering around nude for a while. Hee!

  2. ha! you could enlist his help for those 'hard to reach spots' as well...