Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello, World!

or, more realistically, 'Hi Mom!'

as a person who designs and sews a lot of my own clothes, and who tends toward the 'small, highly edited' wardrobe style, it occurred to me that an outfit diary would come in handy. additionally, it would allow far-flung friends and family to reassure themselves that 'our girl' is dressing as kookily as ever.

this is yesterday's outfit. so far today, my bra has given up the ghost and my most reliable barrette exploded in the kitchen. it's barely 9:30am. please excuse me while i scramble to get presentable for today's photo!

Hat: Made In China (that narrows it down....)
Tee: Target Merona the ULTIMATE tee
Sox: Target
Shoes: Clark's Passion
Skirt: own design


  1. Hi there! Love your outfit, as always. What material is your skirt made of? It looks pretty drapey for 100% cotton. I'm changing the subject: Could you make a couple more starts of that lovely geranium for me? I'm going to rip out the red ones and put in that pink one, please please please!

  2. hi mom! it's a 60%poly/40%cotton interlock from Joann's. i got a sample and threw it in my purse for a few days to see how it would wear before i bought the yardage for this skirt. so far no pilling.

    i'll start some starts for you, no problem!

  3. Thank you! What a good idea - getting stuff worked around in your purse to see about pilling. It would sure take a beating in my purse! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's pic.