Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plan B

Yesterday was a typical Saturday. The E's bummed around the house, visited the library, made muffins. My outfit looked really cute - i was wearing the above jacket and top, with some khaki capris and flats (my trusty Borns) with lace anklets. Small top, small bottom, with a flare in the middle - i made a nice diamond shape, something like Miss Anne Elk's theory of the brontosaurus.

Then, stain on pants. So i put on these black rayon trousers i made a few years ago and wore a more mainstream outfit the rest of the day. The capris are soaking comfortably in the washer.

We ended up shopping on Telegraph, using the public facilities at the University (where above pic was taken - see if you can spot the bride!), then dining at Cesar Espana. Cesar is a delicious, trendy tapas bar in the Gourmet Ghetto with a great interior - lots of wood and tile set in huge curves and arcs. Wouldn't some candid pix of me in that fabulous setting, with fabulous food and fabulous people, be great?

Well, we ended up sitting near some tourist rubes who lovingly documented every plate that came to their table with their pink-skinned iphone.......and taking snaps in the dining area started to seem less glamorous and more 'acting like a coupla schmucks'.

However, some doors have locks, and when you're alone no one can judge.

You have to admit that is some great interior design.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there - especially my dad, Mr. E's dad, the bouch's dad, and Miss Dizzy's dad!!

Jacket: McCall's M5594, made by me (fabric a gift)
Top: Target
Trousers: made by me
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Necklace, Earrings: gifts

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