Friday, June 18, 2010

Fresh as a Daisy?

Thursday was a typical day - morning walk, gardening, sneaking past the Sedum oxypetalum, all in the toasty 85 degrees of the East Bay......until a cool breeze picked up and it was time to get gussied up! We were taking a trip through the Caldecott Tunnel to the New Parish Club in Oakland to see Pegi Young and Bert Jansch.

Not only did i need to put on the dog, but that twenty minute drive means twenty five degrees less heat, plus wind and fog. Putting on stockings and a velvet jacket in the heat is weird, trying to get the makeup on your face faster than your face is sweating it off - is gross. But i appreciated that extra warmth by evening's end.
tomorrow i'll make some notes on the concert and the surprisingly varied audience (hopefully i can convince mr. e to contribute). in the meantime, how about some clothes?

the first pic is with jacket, the second without, since i liked both. i didn't get pix last nite (poor planning) so crawled into the outfit again this morning to get the photos. so, no, i was not feeling fresh as a daisy.

and yes, it is only my ninth post and i'm already repeating articles of clothing - maybe there's a prize?

what can i say, they're my clothes because i like 'em.

Hat: unknown
Jacket: Royal Robbins
Cami-top: own design
Cargo pants: Columbia (5 or so years old)
Shoes: Converse Jack Purcell

Hat: Down Under Enterprises
Scarf: wedding gift
Tunic: Converse
Skirt: made myself

Petticoat: made from scraps, inspired by Alisa Burke
Necklace: collaged from Marin City Flea Market finds (watch & bow), pearls restrung by me
Earrings: liliswan
Chain Belt: Betsey Johnson
Stockings: ?
Shoes: Clark's Passion


  1. I so love everything about the daytime/outdoor photo and outfit, including the way your body mimics the curve of the plant stalk. Evening outfit excellent; was the jacket a Mustard Seed find? Of the famous shopping trip, you with clothes, me with the Ace Hardware treasures?

  2. you betcha, mom!

    (so much for your 'alzheimer's worries'.)

  3. How could I forget that day, clutching my bag from Ace while egging you on to try many many many outfits? That was a lot of fun!