Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Day My Prince Will Come......

I wanted this photo to emphasize the old-fashioned, romantic aspect of the outfit. To elicit a lingering summer afternoon, a woman whiling away the hours while waiting for her swain to come and sweep her off her feet......

But i'm a modern girl, so i went out and got my prince! And our landlord was truly a knight in shining armor - snaking out the plumbing as well as re-connecting the flapper chain. He left less than an hour after he arrived, flush with success, to go watch US v. Ghana in the world cup.

It was time for me to shine, in my role as the fairy princess of disinfectants........but i'll spare you the vision of loveliness i wore for those duties, and show you the front of my kicking-around-the-house-on-a-hot-day outfit instead.

Top: own design
Petticoat: own design, inspired by Alisa Burke
Barrette: gift


  1. Oh wow, that's just gorgeous! You look like a Victorian maiden behind doors on a hot day.

    You have a killer figure too!

  2. Fantastic. Victorian without being out of date. Very steam-punk. I love it!

  3. This outfit is so perfectly pretty and "old fashioned" in the very best way.

    By the way, your curly hair? I want it.