Saturday, June 26, 2010

Foggy Friday

I wore this outfit last Friday night to go grocery shopping. The checker at the next station was helping a 92 year old World War Two vet. This older gentleman took this opportunity to regale the other customers and checkers with stories of his exploits, opinions on letting the Russians take Berlin (bad idea), and how much he appreciated the leeway people gave him on account of being 92. He was a sweety and looking mighty fine for his age! And i was happy to see an elder being given the respect so many deserve and so few get these days.

After i bought my groceries, while i was waiting to use the DVD rental machine next to the exit, he told his assistant to stop while they were wheeling his groceries out. He wanted to complement 'this young lady' (me) on 'her outfit'. I said 'Back atcha!' His navy cap and violet and apple green color blocked windbreaker just jumped off his inky chocolate skin. Definitely a man with style sense. I would love to see some pictures of what he was putting together in the '40's and '50's!

As he moved on, a little creakily, i heard him telling his assistant 'That's one of the great things about being can stop and compliment young ladies....' Although, honestly, he seemed as if he's had plenty of practice at it!

Hat: ???
Tunic: Converse One Star at Target
Tank: Jockey
Belt: vintage Coach (does it count as vintage if it's vintage old but you bought it originally?)
Skirt: own design
Shoes: old Borns
Socks: Target (i made those pom-pom doo-dads to keep them from slipping down)


  1. I thought tunics were tunics because they fell below the hip line. How wrong am I? Now everyone knows you got no style sense from your mom. Selt taught - yay! And I think the belt is vintage - but, you shouldn't take my opinion for that (see above). 8-)

  2. it's a tunic that i tied at the waist - you know i can't leave well enough alone!