Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whirligigs and Flying Mailboxes!

yep, that handsome, stylish guy is Mr. E himself. We're in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley, CA attempting to escape the scorching heat over the hills in the east bay......over 90 degrees from 2-7pm. this was taken in front of an artist's house in the Elmwood. we discovered this place since we often park near here when visiting the area. the whole span of the front yard, the drive, and on back to the house and garage are sprinkled with these enigmatic objects, as a memorial to the artist's late father. it is especially magical at night, as he has placed colored lights here and there. and yesterday the blooming lavender was covered with honey bees. i hope to take more pictures here, day and night! but i just about melted with the few minutes we spent in full sun taking these pictures.

finally, a little something for any passing fahion-eers or stylistas to sink their teeth into.....i bought this Peruvian Connection dress with some holiday money a couple of years ago. it's cotton, the skirt is very full, and the details are outstanding.

as my first love in fashion is a strong silhouette, i love that you can go with the dropped waist look or belt it at the natural waist as i've done here, as well as change the fullness of the skirt with petticoats (or twirling). but the black really soaks up any sun, so i think this may be my last chance to wear it until things cool down a bit in the fall. it's great with heels, but my leg was driving me nuts so i went with flats. interestingly, as gorgeous as this dress is, it was the sox that people commented on all day.

Dress: Peruvian Connection
Petticoat: made from scraps, inspired by Alisa Burke
Sox: the popular crochet ones are too old to remember, worn over this season's Target peds
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Earrings: gift
Shoes: old Borns

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  1. Whirligigs! Sets my mind a racin'! Also, how about a closeup of the sox?