Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Morning Chores

actually this was Friday Vaccuuming, not saturday. (i'm lying to you already!)

huh. this skirt is an example of my wardrobe 'disarray'. i wore it as a skirt today as my left leg was very painful from overuse (i have nerve damage from chronic asthma treatments). it's cotton, it's soft, and it's full so my legs don't have to 'fight' against the fabric as they do in pants or tight skirts.

Howsoever. could i look any thicker around the middle. and the length looks funky with any and all shoes i own. (thus the bare feet.) i got the fabric for this skirt from my next door neighbor, Doreen, who was selling 'stash' from an upholsterer friend of hers who had to move. it was delightfully displayed in Doreen's car trunk. if i'd bought it off a bolt, i would have purchased enough for a mid-calf or ankle length, but as it was i was constrained in design options by the amount of cloth on hand. to be brutally honest, the cami-top was made from a scrap as well (or it would have bee longer at back). it's fun and creative (and cheap!) to use up all these odds and ends, but making it my entire wardrobe strategy? eh, maybe i can expand me horizons a little........

when going out grocery shopping that evening, chauffeured by the dashing mr. e., i kept the top but threw on some cargo pants instead. (because they have pockets on the thighs, by which use i can avoid toting a bag during the rigors of grocery shopping.) i do enjoy mixing victorian-style elements with more utilitarian pieces. it keeps the frilly pieces from being overly frou-frou, and brings to mind the great feats of exploration in that era. and victorian-style undergarments cope wonderfully with the heat.

Cami-top, Striped skirt: own design
Cargo pants: Columbia (5 or so years old)
Necklace: collaged from Marin City Flea Market finds
Shoes: Dansko Marcelle

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  1. Perfect for hot, dry weather; especially with the accessory by your shoes. 8-)
    Remember that adorable yellow ruffled skirt you made in the mid-80's? An early foray into ruffles at a time when they were not in vogue. That was a smile-inducing skirt!